About Me


Sharing my passion for photography derived from the rich family history I found in my own family’s photographs.  Stories could be told from the many images, yearbooks, and moments captured by my mother (and her photographer friends). History can be witnessed through my family's historical  moments, like my grandparents on their wedding day (center picture in collage above)  and treasured moments (see my grandfather as a child to the left and my mom as a baby below) captured on film, collected, and passed down. 

Photography would seem almost predestined for me.  I never remember a time  which we didn't own a camera.  Growing up, before camera-phones, owning a camera wasn't common place for a lot of families.  But we always had cameras around.  Because there weren't unlimited do-overs, that first shot had to be right.  The right moment needed to be captured, little did I know that was training my eye to see those moments I work so hard to capture in my photography work. 


I am based in Wilmington,Delaware serving Delaware, Philadelphia (including Delaware County PA), New Jersey and Maryland.  Through my lens the goal is to provide images that capture moments and tell stories. Whether I am shooting candids at an event or posed family family portraits, I have a genuine want to create great memories and capture those special moments.   Click here for more information on services.

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