Ode (Owed) to Black Women

The images were created in conversation with Pieces of a Dream, Inc.'s Ode (Owed) to Black Women. The original prints have been displayed in Black owned businesses throughout the city of Wilmingon, DE and during the first public presentation of Ode (Owed) to Black Women on November 6, 2022.  More specifically these images are representative of this excerpt from the Ode (OWED) to Black Women monologue for the Suffrage and Flags dance choreographed by Ashley SK Davis, Executive & Artistic Director for Pieces of a Dream, Inc.

“...But somehow your flag also was a danger. Somehow your

flag also was a warning sign, to me. On the back of a truck or
in a window. Posted prominently on a shoulder, showing me.
It tells me watch out. It tells me to take care. It tells me

that that person,that patriot, might not think that

I’m supposed to be here...

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the red on your flag 



That flag in your window, that flag on your back,

that flag inked into your skin makes
me wonder and question and worry.”

Available for purchase. All proceeds support dance school tuition for a young dancer.

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